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Admissions and documents

Bilingual Primary School

Admissions for the school year 2018/2019 to grades 1 – 5 have begun in January 2018.

You can get information on admissions:

  • personally at our school in Rzeszów, Bohaterów 12 street,
  • phone: 17 860 15 15 ext. 260
  • e-mail:


Download admission documents:

1. Application for Admission Form – the PROMAR Bilingual Primary School

Download DF

2. Regulations on Admissions

Download PDF



Additional documents:

1. The PROMAR Bilingual Primary School Rules and Regulations

Download PDF

2. Field Trips Organisation Regulations

Download PDF

3. School Year Calendar - The PROMAR Bilingual Primary School 

PDF do pobrania 

4. List of coursebooks 

1st Class  Download PDF

2nd Class  Download PDF 

3rd Class  Download PDF 

Klasa IV  Download PDF 

Klasa V  Download PDF 

6. Extracurricular Classes Regulations 

Download PDF