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Bilingual Primary School

Children open to the world

Our mission at the school is to educate and teach citizens of the world, who learn easily and communicate freely in English, who are ready to continue their education in Poland and abroad and to cooperate with people from different countries and of different cultures.

2 foreign languages from the first grade (English and Spanish)
50% of lessons are conducted in English
14 Classes consist of 14 students

English as the language of tuition

Lessons are conducted both in Polish and in English.

Information Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education are conducted only in English. Polish and History are taught in Polish, whereas Science, Mathematics and World History are conducted in Polish and English interchangeably. What are our classes like live?

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Learning foreign languages

A trusted teaching methodology allows for introducing two foreign languages from the first grade.

The curriculum includes an extended number of English lessons, i.e. 5 lessons a week in the 1st grade, 6 lessons a week in the 2nd grade and 7 lessons a week in the 3rd grade. The lessons are carried out by Polish teachers and native speakers of English. In grades 4 – 6 the curriculum includes 5 English lessons. From 0 class or grade 1 the children have 2 Spanish lessons a week.

International language certificates

An effective curriculum is a guarantee of high results in international exams.

The students of the PROMAR Bilingual Primary School are prepared to achieve prestigious certificates proving their proficiency in English – Young Learners English Tests issued by the University of Cambridge (upon graduating from the 2nd grade the children may take the Starters level exam, Movers level exam after the 3rd grade, Flyers / KET for schools after the 4th grade, PET for Schools after the 6th grade and FCE for Schools after the 8th grade). The students may as well take Instituto Cervantes exams in Spanish – Examen DELE A1 para escolares after the 5th grade and Examen DELE A2/B1 para escolares after the 8th grade.

The international exams are objective and accurately evaluate students’ proficiency in foreign languages.

Extra classes and the common room

Extra classes conducted in English are a very important part of learning, as they provide the students with cognitive development possibilities exceeding the essential curriculum by the Ministry of National Education and constitute a great opportunity for practicing language skills.

The didactic curriculum of the PROMAR Bilingual Primary School includes a variety of extra classes carried out in English by i.a. American and British teachers. The English Common Room is available from when the lessons finish to 6:00 P.M. We provide the children with fun, entertainment and an opportunity to do their homework with the help of a common room teacher. Common room activities also include organized language games and physical activities. What is more, the common room allows children to have some rest – the common room is equipped with a TV with the X-Box console.

Recreational break

In order to provide the children with more effective learning, good mood and to avoid boredom, the students spend one hour a day in open air every day.

After the snack or lunch time, the children go for a walk or to the Promar’s playground. During the walk, the children learn about the surroundings, nature and they chat in English. During the recreational break the children are looked after by English-speaking teachers. The recreational break lasts for one hour and the students from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade take part in it. The classes are conducted in the building in Bohaterów 12 street in Rzeszów in classes consisting of 14 students maximum.

Achievements and projects
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The tuition fee includes:

  • obligatory school subject conducted in Polish and in English
  • 2 Spanish lessons a week
  • 5 English lessons a week in the 1st grade (including 3 lessons with a native speaker), 6 English lessons a week in the 2nd grade (including 3 lessons with a
  • native speaker) and 7 English lessons a week in the 3rd grade (including 4 lessons with a native speaker)
  • an hour long walk in open air in the presence of English-speaking teachers – for grades 1st – 3rd.

The tuition fee of 1041,60 PLN a month from September to June.

The tuition fee of 625,00 PLN a month from July to August.

The fee for stay in the English common room – 302,40 PLN a month or 8,50 PLN for an hour.

1 041,60 zł PLN a month
15,50 zł PLN daily meals
302,40 PLN zł common room a month


The tuition fee includes:

  • childcare by qualified preschool teachers with a fluent command of English from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
  • 5 hours a day with native speakers of English
  • 2 Spanish lessons a week

1 041,60 PLN from 1 March 2019

Yearly Kindergarten Pack (380 PLN) includes coursebooks and basic materials necessary for conducting didactic classes and insurance.

1 041,60 zł PLN A MONTH

Come to open days at our school

During such a session you will have an opportunity to talk to an early school teacher and a teaching methodology expert about:
What is bilingual teaching? What are bilingual lessons like? What additional benefits arise from bilingual teaching in early school education? What educational curriculum is implemented at our school?

How to enroll your child in the PROMAR Bilingual Primary School?

Admissions for the school year 2019/2012 to grades 1 – 7 have begun in January 2019.

You can get information on admissions:

personally at our school in Rzeszów, Bohaterów 12 street,

phone: 17 860 15 15 ext. 260


Download the application for admission form and other documents. Read the regulations on admissions.

1 pdf

2 pdf

3 pdf

Download the application for admission Download the form

Documents for download

The Bilingual Primary School Rules and Regulations


Application for admission form


Regulations on admission procedures