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English Courses

English Courses

If you are interested in learning English, please, contact our office directly:

ul. Bohaterów 12, 35-112 Rzeszów

tel. 17 860 15 15

Ages 3 – 12

The courses are conducted with the use of our original teaching method PROMI, with particular attention paid to providing the youngest learners with sense of security and boosting their motivation.

For Little Kids (ages 3 – 6)

The youngest children acquire the language not only by observation and listening – appropriate conditions for development are required as well. The courses are organized in a way which allows them to express themselves through play and facing interesting challenges. Such learning is pleasant and effective in terms of acquiring a foreign language.

Junior (ages 7 – 9)

The aim of the courses is to provide the children with a rapid and universal development of language skills in English-speaking environment. The elements of learning typical for schools are introduced gradually.

Youth (ages 9 – 12)

The topics and types of tasks are adjusted to the age of learners. Various multimedia and interactive whiteboards are used in classes. We offer an opportunity to prepare the children for international Cambridge Young Learners English exams. The courses are conducted by a native speaker and a Polish tutor.

Ages 13 – 15

The courses are conducted with the use of an integrated teaching method, which combines various teaching techniques, with particular attention paid to speaking and communication in a foreign language.

Appropriate selection of topics, exercises and revision methods is crucial at this age.

Moreover, the classes with a native speaker improve pronunciation and accent (the native speaker conducts 50% of classes in a course).

Ages 16+

This age group learns with the use of an integrated method with particular attention paid to speaking and communication skills.

The classes with a native speaker improve pronunciation and accent (the native speaker conducts 50% of classes in a course).

Companies and institutions

Effective communication in a foreign language is vital to the success of your enterprise in the present economic reality. In order to meet professional and business expectations, we offer the courses adjusted to specific needs of companies and institutions. We offer i.a. effective preparations for conducting business negotiations and commercial discussions.

English for Matura exam takers

The courses preparing for Matura exams at basic and extended level as well as courses preparing for philology studies. The courses are conducted by a Polish tutor and a native speaker.

Exam courses

At 14 levels. Conducted with the use of an integrated method, which allows to learn four language skills simultaneously (reading, writing, speaking, listening), aimed at passing a particular exam. Courses conducted by a Polish tutor and a native speaker.

Refresher courses

Courses aimed at people who’d like to maintain language proficiency and foreign language teachers; learning at the highest levels (C1 and C2), intending to refresh productive language skills.

Business English

For institutions, companies and adults preparing for Cambridge BEC exams at all the levels of proficiency as well as English for Specific Purposes intended for a particular profession.


Courses conducted by native speakers at different levels of proficiency, which give an opportunity to experience a real and living language.

Intensive courses

Results-oriented courses in groups of 2 – 5. An offer for the people who want to learn particular skills (e.g. speaking, grammar, translations skills) at a high pace or prepare for an exam. Courses available in 6 lessons a week (Mon., Wed., Fri.) mode.

Individual courses

Courses individually adjusted in terms of level of proficiency, pace and the choice of a tutor or a native speaker.

NEW – Conversations with a native speaker

100% Native Speaker 100% English 100% Speaking

Conversation classes for students and adults. Emphasis is put on free conversations, which develop pronunciation, accent and accuracy. All the classes are conducted by a native speaker. Recommended especially in summertime.

NEW – Legal English

Courses aimed at polishing practical communication in international legal context. General law, contract law and commercial law. Courses designed for lawyers, legal counsels and legal trainees.

The standards of the PROMAR courses


The rapport between the student and the tutor and clear rules constitute success. Our students are offered a clear set of rules and regulations, prepared considering their convenience and sense of security. We allow our students to change groups or to leave during the school year. Individual attitude of the tutor and assignment to a group according to your needs as well as convenient forms of payment are provided.


Effectiveness and comfort of learning for each and every client are the aims of our offer. In order to maintain the level and the learning pace in the case of absence, we offer extra consultations with your tutor for free.


Free PROMAR School of Foreign Languages Certificates with a description of your achievements upon finishing a course. The certificate is issued in Polish and the target language.


The PROMAR School of Foreign Languages has the accreditation of the Podkarpackie Superintendency of Education in conducting language courses.


The price of your coursebook is included in the price of the course. The classrooms are equipped with multimedia, interactive whiteboards and overhead projectors.



- family discount and a discount for students returning after a break in learning


- a discount for Saturday courses which take place after 12:00 PM


- for people who pay the tuition fee for the subsequent school year before the 30th of June


- for university students and people who possess the Extended Family Card


- for a simultaneous course in another foreign language

Rules and Regulations on Language Courses 2016/2017


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