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Offer for companies

The bespoke offer!

Effective communication in a foreign language is vital to the success of your enterprise. In order to meet professional and business expectations, the PROMAR School of Foreign Languages offers bespoke courses adjusted to specific needs of companies.

There’s more to a language than just vocabulary.

We facilitate the contact and understanding of a foreign culture and customs connected with a given foreign language. We look into the topics present in the business discourse, and break the barriers hindering direct contacts, by taking care of practical preparations for using a foreign language.


We’re here for you, adjusted to your needs. At each stage of providing our services the changing educational needs of your company are met.

Language needs assessment

We investigate the requirements of your company. Its needs and present language skills are assessed by means of interviews. Individual curriculum and appropriate tutors (either Polish or native speakers) as well as teaching aids and methods are selected. The teaching process is adjusted to the participants’ needs and skills.

Right place, right time

The classes take place either in your workplace or in our school, in groups or individually. The schedule, pace and frequency are determined together with the Client, upon specifying the teaching aims.

Outcomes and motivation

The progress made by the students is monitored. Their motivation and involvement in working with a foreign language is facilitated. By supporting their work, we help them overcome difficulties and achieve their aims.

Care and support

Within the course we react to changing needs of your company. We are at your disposal after the commencement of classes; the progress and satisfaction are constantly monitored. Reports and free-of charge certificates are prepared, and if necessary we can change and adjust the curriculum.

Accurate communication is fundamental


These are the courses which prepare you for business communication in a given field, e.g. participating in conferences, presentations or fairs, through acquiring useful phrases.


Polish as a Foreign Language

Courses for contract workers in Poland, who would like to communicate freely in Polish


Business English

Kursy ze specjalistycznym językiem w kontaktach międzynarodowych. Komunikacja ustna, korespondencja pisemna formalna i mniej formalna. Kurs przygotowujący do egzaminu BEC


Legal English

Courses aimed at polishing practical communication in international legal context. General law, contract law and commercial law. Courses designed for lawyers, legal counsels and legal trainees.


Chinese – a world trend

In order to meet the expectations of the local labour market, PROMAR has expanded the language offer with Chinese.

We provide a professional, native Chinese teacher with years-long experience in teaching, translation and interpretation. A specialist in business language and culture of communication in international relations. A person experienced in terms of vocabulary for specific purposes: medical, legal and financial. He derives satisfaction from teaching, which he perceives as a journey with his students to China in order to learn Chinese language and culture.

The courses are conducted in English.


Certification and confirmation of achievements

The PROMAR School of Foreign Languages in Rzeszow is an accredited British Council Exam centre. We allow you to prepare for and take Cambridge BEC, FCE, CAE, IELTS exams. Our tutors perfectly prepare their candidates for a given international exam.


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